be the future

The urban look re-imagined. Handmade jackets and modernistic designs.

Here at Bnzo we capture the future to bring it into your day-to-day experience. The idea is to create future-modern and original pieces, seen nowhere else with powerful messages and inspiring imagery. The designs are always full of colors, details and strong symbols for those who want their outfit to be an extension of their imagination, without any limit of time or space. BNZO fashion brand  provides a whole new experience to people wearing it through a full liberty of creation and unique designs. BNZO fashion is for those who want their clothes to be a second skin, and who want their everyday experience to be a source of inspiration for them and for others.

Micheal Benz is a high profile fashion designer who breaks the rules of accurate representation and frees himself from the conservative ways of designing.

BNZO fashion uses free and imaginative graphics to bring people into a new dimension, where the designs shatter all aspects of conventional creation inducing the viewer into a departure from reality.

Michael Benz’s unprecedented and vivid imagery explores creativity in every way possible.  BNZO Fashion uses the very raw language of colors and drawing distortions including geometric abstraction and symbolism.

BNZO Fashion by Michael Benz loves to play with limits of reality to transcend and go off the beaten track through the use of intense colors in a bold, personal and unconventional way; this allows Michael Benz Fashion to explore a whole new aspect of creation and leads the viewer with emotionally-inducing designs.